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13 Benefits of Working-Out in the Morning

Morning sweat sessions could be your new best friend, bringing a positive and energizing difference that stays with you throughout the day!
“I don’t have time for exercise.”
“I have so many other priorities for the day.”
“I need more rest.”
“I’m always tired and have no energy for exercise.”
Are these thoughts genuinely reflecting our circumstances, or are we fabricating excuses to remain within our comfort zones? These statements question whether our perceived barriers to exercise are genuine constraints or merely convenient justifications for avoiding physical activity. It’s true, that juggling family priorities, daily tasks or that tempting allure of extra sleep might compete for your attention, but it is also true that if humans have any first priority, then it must be their health.
It’s not these excuses themselves that are the issue, but rather the way they prevent us from getting healthy. Everything in your life depends on your health, if you are healthy you will be more productive in every other sphere of life too.

Excuses often serve as justifications for not following through on our commitments. As said by Jim Rohn – “If you really want to do something you’ll find a way. If you don’t, you’ll find an excuse.””

When is the best time to engage in your workout routine?

The answer is whenever you manage to carve out time from your daily schedule! Yes, timing also matters but for a start staying consistent in your efforts is more important. Whether it’s morning, afternoon, or evening, the initial focus should be on simply getting started. As you settle into the routine, feel free to experiment with different workout timings and approaches, ensuring you reap the maximum benefits from your dedicated efforts.

Why should you consider morning workouts?

In the early hours, your body has enjoyed a complete 8 to 9 hours of restful sleep. With morning energy levels at their peak, capitalizing on this by scheduling exercise can be more demanding on energy. In the morning, the mind is fresh and there is a positive energy to start a wonderful day. This positive mindset gives great motivation to accomplish something good for yourself.
Also, exercise releases a flood of good hormones, setting a positive tone for the day. When you are loaded with the effects of motivation, exercise accomplishment, and endorphins, surely your productivity later in the day will also increase. Additionally, metabolism levels go up, contributing to weight management and other exercise benefits, all linked to making your life better. So, it’s a yes to morning workouts rather than postponing them for the evening or nighttime when your fuse is already down, and your mind and body are exhausted.
So, just sip a cup of coffee and go for a morning walk to enjoy the benefits of fasted cardio, or have a light meal 30 minutes before your exercise for an energy-demanding physical activity. Find your way to choose a workout that you like, and don’t feel pressure on yourself it’s just a new lifestyle you have chosen for your health and you need to enjoy it.

Benefits of working out in the morning

Studies have shown that regular exercise can lead to improved cardiovascular health, better weight management, and improved mental health. It can also help you to feel more focused, energized, and productive throughout the day. Let’s discuss these benefits in detail,

1. Healthy habit

Incorporating morning workouts into your routine is a healthy habit that can yield numerous benefits. By establishing a consistent schedule you not only enhance your physical well-being but also experience heightened concentration and alertness levels.
These workouts kickstart your metabolism, providing an energy boost that lasts throughout the day. Moreover, adhering to a morning exercise routine gradually transforms it into a habit, ensuring you stay committed and motivated over time.
This dedication and commitment to morning workouts showcase your perseverance as you prioritize your health and fitness. Over the long run, this approach fosters not only physical strength but also mental resilience, proving that a proactive start to the day can have a lasting positive impact on your overall well-being.

2. Fewer distractions

Choosing to work out in the morning offers the advantage of fewer distractions, allowing for enhanced focus on your fitness goals. Often, as the day progresses distractions tend to multiply, making it more likely for your workout plans to be derailed.
By prioritizing exercise as the first task of the day, when your mind is still unburdened by numerous tasks you will be less likely to skip your workout. The morning presents a prime opportunity to dedicate yourself to fitness, as motivation levels tend to be higher and fatigue hasn’t set in.

3. Fasted state workout

A fasted state workout means exercising on an empty stomach- It’s often recommended that you perform moderate-intensity cardiovascular exercises first thing in the morning before eating anything.
There is a reason behind this phenomenon: after sleeping overnight, the levels of glucose and insulin in your bloodstream gradually diminish until you wake up. In the morning, we typically replenish our energy by eating breakfast. However, if we work out in a fasted state, there is more glycogen depletion. Once this depletion is achieved, a fascinating metabolic transition takes place: your body shifts gears and begins to tap into the stored glucose within fat deposits for its energy needs.
This mechanism essentially mandates your body to extract energy from its fat reserves, especially in the absence of the readily available glucose obtained from food consumption. This unique approach to working out not only optimizes your energy utilization but also contributes to effective fat utilization over time.
What is Glycogen?

When you eat carbohydrates, your body converts them into glucose, which can either be used immediately for energy or stored as glycogen for later use. Glycogen serves as a readily available source of energy during periods of increased energy demand, such as during exercise or when blood sugar levels drop between meals.

4. Aids weight loss

Your body requires energy to power its movements and perform various functions and this energy is measured in calories. By staying active or exercising you increase your energy expenditure. When energy is spent more than consumed your body gets in a state of calorie deficit or energy deficit.
A caloric deficit occurs when you burn more calories through your activity than you consume through your diet. This deficit signals to your body that it needs to find additional energy sources for performing various functions effectively. In response, your body turns to its stored reserves, including fat, as a fuel source. As you maintain consistent physical activity and a sustainable caloric deficit, your body adapts by using its fat stores for energy. This adaptation ultimately contributes to weight loss and fat loss.
Research suggests morning exercise is great for women too “Morning exercise (AM) reduced abdominal fat and blood pressure and evening exercise (PM) enhanced muscular performance in the women.”

5. Promotes muscle growth

“The higher the levels of testosterone in the body the more effectively our bodies can engage in muscle development and growth.”

During the nighttime hours, the body experiences a notable increase in testosterone production, peaking upon awakening. This hormonal surge creates a favorable environment for muscle development. By strategically aligning your exercise routine with this natural testosterone boost, morning workouts have the potential to amplify your efforts in building muscle.

6. Improve focus and cognition

Physical activity stimulates the brain to secrete various feel-good hormones that help in mood improvement, better relaxation, and controlling anxiety or stress. Regular physical activity over the long term lowers the rate of age-related memory and cognitive decline and helps improve attention span.
People regularly engaged with any kind of physical activity are more focused, alert, and creative, with the capability of making better life decisions in comparison to those who are more sedentary.

7. Increased overall everyday activity

When you exercise your heart rate gets efficient to pump more blood, ensuring that oxygen and essential nutrients are distributed to working muscles and organs. This enhanced circulation supports optimal functioning and nourishment of tissues, helping various physiological adaptations like improved cardiovascular function, enhanced metabolism, improved stamina, and endurance.
Improved health lets you confidently tackle the tasks and responsibilities of your daily routine without getting fatigued or weariness. Also, incorporating exercise into your routine has a positive effect on your energy levels too, as our body improves in functioning we efficiently utilize our energy reserves.
It is like doing more work but easily, and without fatigue or weariness, this positive cycle of elevated energy levels fuels your productivity and engagement throughout the day.

8. Improves one’s self-esteem, self-efficacy, and a sense of wellbeing

Engaging in regular exercise goes beyond physical benefits, and holds an equal importance for mental well-being. Workout poses many challenges to your mental abilities helping you to adapt to changing conditions during exercise like quick decision-making, instant actions, proactive strategies, and self-talk.
Exercising regularly strengthens the connection between mind and body. This newfound confidence, a sense of accomplishment, and positivity extends to navigating life’s challenges and embracing change. Ultimately cultivating improved mental health, greater self-esteem, and a deeper sense of identity and pride.
Few positive mental benefits when you stay physically active
  • Improved Well-Being– Enhanced mental and emotional state achieved by staying physically active, leading to feelings of health, happiness, and positivity.
  • Improved Self-Esteem – Your subjective assessment of your own value, worth, and perception, which exercise can boost by fostering accomplishment and positive self-perception.
  • Improved Self-Efficacy – Belief in your ability to overcome challenges, complete tasks, and achieve goals, cultivated through exercising and achieving fitness milestones.

9. Improved sleep

When you consistently wake up at the same time each day, your body’s internal clock (also referred to as the circadian rhythm) naturally synchronizes with this routine. As you establish regularity, your body learns when to wake up and wind down, leading to getting out of bed without the need for any alarm. This alignment aids in achieving a more restful night’s sleep and improved sleep quality.
Over time, the synergy between your morning exercise routine and your circadian cycle contributes to better sleep initiation and a refreshed awakening, creating a positive cycle of well-being.

10. Leaves time for other priorities

“Doing morning exercise preserves your evenings for the family”

Evening or late evening time is family time, where you can talk about the day, feel relaxed, and talk with loved ones, it is a family bonding time. But if that time you go to the gym then you may have less time to spend with your family.
The morning workout strategy efficiently saves your precious evening hours. This endeavor enables you to invest in family connections, and address essential responsibilities as a family member. Health, home priorities, or demanding work schedules, all require a delicate balance. Starting early and finishing your day early is indeed a much better and more valuable approach to a good life.

11. Improving your sex life

Exercise serves as an effective method to enhance your libido and put your sex life in high gear. Through physical activity, your body experiences increased blood flow, improved cardiovascular health, and active release of mood-boosting hormones. These factors collectively contribute to heightened arousal and a boost in sexual desire.
Regular exercise also enhances body confidence and overall well-being, further supporting a healthy and active sex life.
Strengthening muscles through exercise leads to improved sexual function for both men and women, including heightened desire, stamina, and appreciation of a toned body. Regular exercise not only energizes your body but also revitalizes your intimate life, creating more satisfying and fulfilling experiences.

12. Overcome anxiety, depression, and dementia

When plagued by worrisome thoughts, a simple walk or run can make a significant difference in your mood. Physical activity triggers the release of dopamine, serotonin, endorphins, and endocannabinoids often referred to as the “feel-good” hormone, which plays a key role in uplifting your emotional state.
By engaging in regular exercise, you actively contribute to improved mental well-being and a healthier outlook on life.

13. Reduces the risk of life-threatening diseases

Engaging in regular exercise significantly reduces the risk of life-threatening diseases by offering a range of health benefits. Physical activity improves immune function, making the body more resilient to illnesses. Additionally, exercises that strengthen the heart muscle help ward off heart disease by enhancing cardiovascular health. This includes maintaining clear arteries and veins, as exercise reduces harmful cholesterol and fats in the bloodstream.
Exercise is great for people with diagnosed diabetes or who are prediabetic, exercise plays a crucial role in preventing the accumulation of sugar in the blood. By prompting muscles to absorb more glucose from the bloodstream and utilize it for energy, physical activity lowers the risk of developing diabetes.
Overall, incorporating exercise into your routine is a proactive step towards safeguarding your health and minimizing the chances of facing serious, potentially life-threatening conditions.

Editors note

The above reasons must be compelling to consider rising a bit earlier for a gym session rather than postponing it to later in the day. However, if fitting in a morning workout doesn’t align with your schedule that’s perfectly acceptable. While the morning offers numerous health benefits for exercise, consistent physical activity remains advantageous regardless of the time of day.
The key is to prioritize daily exercise—whether that’s in the morning, during your lunch break, or in the evening. Ultimately, the best exercise time is the one that suits your schedule and preferences!

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WeFitPeople is a health and fitness community that celebrates the uniqueness of every individual and encourages them to prioritize their wellbeing.

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